The workflow solution for Umbraco

Plumber is a full-featured workflow engine for Umbraco websites and applications. It extends the out-of-the-box publishing model with multi-stage, highly configurable approval workflows.

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Plumber is deeply configurable, encouraging tailoring the workfow solution not just to individual sites, but to sections and event document types within each site. Configure approval groups, workflow pipelines, document-type approvals, editing policies and more.

Deeply customizable

Plumber provides a highly configurable workflow engine, to meet as wide a range of use-cases as possible. Create multi-stage workflows at the node or document-type level, with full change histories, task rejection/resubmission, content locking, auth-free approvals, exclusions, conditional stages and more.

All the features
Detailed dashboards provide an overview of workflow tasks, with full insight into the current status. Pending tasks can be actioned from the Detail overlay, which contains even deeper data.

Always free

Plumber is a free product, and always will be. That said, purchasing a license unlocks even more great features, and removes the restrictions in place on the unlicensed version. For most sites the free version is all you'll ever need, but for larger, more complex sites, purchasing a license is a double-win: extended functionality, and supporting further development.

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Workflow detail is a click away, displaying all relevant data points - everything from the initial request, through all steps completed (with full attribution). Licensed installs can view tracked changes between document versions.

Familiar, yet new

Plumber doesn't look like a visitor to the Umbraco backoffice, it looks like a first-class citizen.

Plumber leverages the existing UI framework powering the backoffice, and extends it to a detailed dashboards and charting tools to provide a high-level overview of workflow activity. 

The workflow content app introduces the functionality required to process workflow tasks, as well as access to configuration, and a full history of all workflows, for the current node. Familiar Umbraco design patterns keep the integration seamless.

Full variant support

Plumber loves languages - just like Umbraco, Plumber easily handles multi-lingual sites. Configure different workflows for different variants of the same content, and request variant or invariant workflow approvals  giving users the freedom to publish the current variant only, or all variants in a single workflow or in individual, culture-aware pipelines.