What exactly does Plumber do?

Multiple workflow types

  • Explicit: all steps of the workflow must be completed, and all users will be notified of tasks
  • Implicit: all steps where the original change author is NOT a member of the group must be completed.
  • Ignore: similar to Explicit, but the original change author is not included in notifications or shown dashboard tasks

Variant aware

  • Configure workflows per variant
  • Choose which variants to publish - current or all (in individual or invariant workflow processes)
  • Fully localized (BYO language files)

Content app

  • Initiate and process workflows from the detailed content app
  • Access and manage node-level workflow configuration
  • Full workflow history - every stage, every comment, every action
  • View differences (licensed feature) - track changes across pending and completed workflows

Approval groups

  • Separate from, and independent of, Umbraco's user groups - complements your existing site setup, rather than requiring changes
  • User group inheritance - derive Plumber approval groups from Umbraco's user groups - NEW in 1.4.0
  • Offline approval (licensed feature) - allow groups to action workflow without logging in to Umbraco


  • Admin section with high-level overview of workflow activity, including charting and deep history
  • User-centric views showing pending tasks and submissions
  • Action workflows from the user dashboard, in the same UI as the content app
  • Real-time updates ensure dashboards stay in sync for all backoffice users

Plus all these...

  • Content-level workflow configuration - granular control at the node level
  • Document-type workflow configuration (licensed feature) - configure common workflows for all content of a given type
  • Unlimited workflow stages - as complex or as simple as your site requires
  • Reject and request review - return changes to the original editor for updates and resubmission
  • Workflow inheritance - content inherits settings from ancestor nodes
  • Exclude content tree branches (licensed feature)
  • Lock active content - prevent edits when content is in a workflow
  • Email notifications (templating coming soon)
  • Comment templates - provide a guide for users when describing their changes
  • Administrators retain control - action workflows on behalf of approval groups
  • Scheduled publishing - release changes on a given date, provided the workflow is approved
  • Publish-only workflows - disable the workflow engine for unpublishing documents - NEW in 1.4.0
  • Workflow attachments - attach supporting documentation to a workflow process - NEW in 1.4.0