Pre-publishing quality assurance

Preflight is a pluggable framework for content quality assurance. Out of the box, Preflight tests general readability (including Flesch reading level; sentence length; and word length and complexity), checks links, and provides a text replacement mechanism.

Build custom tests to extend Preflight to suit your site. Implement the IPreflightPlugin interface to quickly scaffold new plugins, with extensible settings and options.

Ready-to-go, but built for extension

Preflight ships with a core set of tests but is built to be extended - add your own plugins to manage specific requirements.

Plugin documentation
The Preflight content app reports test results in real-time, providing an overview of results with more detailed information for each tested property.

Ensure editors meet editorial standards

Use Preflight to ensure minimum publishing standards by canceling content saves when particular tests fail. Configuration options allow cancellation when all or some tests fail.

Leverage AngularJs components to build interfaces for displaying custom test results. Create clean, easily digestable UIs with minimal code.

Variant aware

Not yet, but soon... Preflight will support content variants, allowing sub-setting of tests for different cultures. Language rules which apply to one culture don't neccessarily make sense for another, so Preflight allows (soon) test configuration at the variant level. 

A range of core options on all Preflight tests ensure only appropriate tests run against each testable property editor. Optionally plugins can run only on save, with failed tests able to cancel the save event.

Granular control

Run Preflight tests on particular properties on particular document types. Combined with variant-specific settings, your test plan can be as detailed as your site requires.